Vitamin C: New Help for Your Skin

Years of intensive medical research has resulted in the development of a complex skin treatment that offers the first lipid soluble stabilized form of topically applied Vitamin C.

It is an established fact that Vitamin C plays an essential role in every aspect of the skins function including growth, maintenance, repair of connective tissue, protection from free radical oxidation damage, wound healing, collagen synthesis and prevention of premature aging.

Researchers know that wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots do not appear because of a mysterious “aging gene.” We must continually remind ourselves that skin aging is not a process associated with a chronological number of the years of life we have lived. More correctly, it is not the years that matter nearly as much as the cumulative exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors.

Collagen constitutes 80% of the dermis. In youth, the collagen structures that support the skin maintain a firm foundation that allows mobility and flexibility, but retains contour and tautness. In addition, water, oxygen and other nutrients travel efficiently through the network to reach the skin’s cells and facilitate the excretion of waste products.

Medical research has established that sun exposure along with other aspects of the aging process produce free radical damage that attacks the genetic material in the skin cell responsible for making exact healthy copies of itself. In turn this cumulative destruction causes cross linking of collagen and the eventual breakdown of the collagen structure that is visibly manifested in loss of skin elasticity, slackness of facial contours, wrinkles, textural changes and age spots. Young skin can generally resist and repair much of the damage as it occurs. However, as our skin loses the battle to adequately defend itself, the degenerative aging process begins…as early as the age of 25.

Considering the critical role Vitamin C plays in every aspect of youthful healthy skin, it is important to remember that humans cannot manufacture Vitamin C. In humans, the total pool of Vitamin C is 1500 mg. The average person must have a continuous intake of Vitamin C in order to maintain bodily functions. Skin is especially vulnerable to Vitamin C deficiency because Vitamin C is pulled from the skin to maintain other bodily functions. Physical or emotional stress causes even greater quantities of Vitamin C to be depleted from the skin.

Vitamin C is now available in a topical formulation to apply to your skin and the effect may be dramatic. Topical vitamin c can reach 40 times the concentration at the skin level as compared to the vitamin taken in the diet at higher concentrations.

Within a short period of time after beginning to treat your skin with topical Vitamin C the skin’s texture will begin to appear smoother and more supple. With continued use the skin will begin to appear measurably firmer, more resilient and facial contours will appear tighter and more defined. Deeper lines will appear far less pronounced, skin tones will even and the skin will appear noticeably younger and healthier. The skin’s surface will gradually reflect the optimal conditions created by the continued application of Vitamin C producing a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

Undoubtedly you will be hearing much more regarding this preparation, seeing it introduced in various cosmetics or other skin care remedies. Various preparations of Vitamin C are available through your doctor or skin care specialist. The price for this preparation usually runs around $ 75.00. While this may seem expensive, a single bottle will last about 3 months and the benefits may well be worth the cost.

Please consult with your physician or skin care specialist regarding which skin care treatments are best for your needs.

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