Facts About Dermal Fillers

Many patients have inquired as to the reason we don’t use certain Dermal Fillers Sacramento. One of the more asked about is ArteFill. Some time ago we made a conscious decision not to bring ArteFill into our practice. The primary reason for declining the opportunity to offer this to our patients was due to its claim of “permanent correction”. Artefill was made from non-absorbable synthetic beads suspended in a collagen solution and once injected into the face, its there for good. Artefill was an attractive alternative because it filled a niche for certain patients with “filler fatigue”, those patients who had been treated numerous times with temporary fillers. The Ultimate concern has been that any permanent filler might cause lumps and bumps to form years after the injections and the only solution is to remove them surgically, therefore causing permanent scaring. Plus, who’s to say that a filler injected at the age of 40 will still look good at the age of 50?

Recent news has reported that the maker of ArteFill, Artes Medical, has fired its entire staff, filed for bankruptcy and no longer distributing to Doctor’s. In regulatory papers filed by Artes the company said that filing for bankruptcy was “as a result of decreasing consumer spending due to the severe economic downturn that resulted in the company’s sales being significantly lower than it had forecasted.”

In retrospect, regardless of the reason, we’re reassured that our initial decision not to offer ArteFill to our patients was the right choice. While it’s important to be on the cutting edge and offer the latest treatment options to our patients, we cannot forgot the importance of thoroughly investigating the long term effects and overall safety of any product. We’re grateful to have the rapport and support from the makers of such dermal fillers as Juvederm and Restylane; it allows us to continue to feel confident in their companies’ reliability and stability in an unsteady economy. For information on filler products we use and stand by here at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center, please give us a call. We’d be happy to schedule some time to sit down and talk with you about which filler would be right for you, and, if desired, the procedure can be done at that same appointment minimizing your time away from the important things in life.

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