Scar Camouflage-Improving Facial Scars and Blemishes

Unsightly, disfiguring scars or blemishes on the face can often be greatly improved through a variety of surgical camouflage techniques.

There exists a common misconception that cosmetic surgery can eliminate scars. The surgeon and patient’s goal is to replace an unsightly or disfiguring scar with a better scar, on which is fine lined, level with the surrounding surface, about the same color as the adjacent skin and which causes no distortion or pull on the surrounding structures. The objective is to produce a scar that is as inconspicuous as possible.

When considering a scar revision you should be prepared to accept the fact that 1) removal will result in another though hopefully improved scar, 2) the final appearance will not be evident for six to eighteen months and 3) more then one procedure may be required.

Ideally, scar revision should be undertaken after the scar has matured. Most scars improve as they mature and should revision surgery be necessary, less surgery will be needed. An exception to this general rule are those scars that cause distortion of normal structures (eyebrows, lips, eyelids, nostrils, those which spread widely or produce deformity by contraction and “U” or “J” shaped scars). In these instances early repair may be undertaken since little or no improvement in the basic problem can be anticipated with the passage of time.

When treating a scar or blemish by excision, the surgeon makes every effort to place the line of incision as nearly as possible in or parallel to one of the natural crease lines in the face. Sometimes it may be necessary to change the direction of the scar, so that it will approximate these lines. Excision of large unsightly scars, birthmarks or blemishes may require multiple operations over a period of time, shifting of the surrounding tissue to fill the defect, skin grafting, occasionally the use of tissue expanders and laser therapy.

During your consultation we will discuss your specific concerns and what can be done.

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