Loss of facial volume, a natural part of the aging process, can be treated with facial fat transfer. Surgical procedures such as facelift and mini-facelift reposition sagging tissues and remove excess skin, but in some areas of the face do little to restore youthful volume.

Facial fat transfer is the harvesting of fat cells from one part of the body and transplanting these cells to volume-deficient areas of the face, restoring natural youthful contours and improving skin texture.

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Fat Transfer FAQs

Patients travel from throughout northern California to Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates for facial fat transfer. Board-certified facial plastic surgeons at Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates have the expertise and artistry needed for successful results.

This procedure can restore sunken temples, flatten cheekbones, hollow cheeks, nasolabial grooves, weakness of the jaw bone to name a few of the most popular areas. In addition to restoring youthful volume, many patients note their skin has a healthier glow.

Once the transplanted fat cells have established themselves in the face, the volume effect will last several years. However, the aging process continues including changes to the bone-thinning of the skin and further soft-tissue volume loss.

The advantages of this procedure include lasting longer than traditional off the shelf dermal fillers, no risk of reaction to your own fat, the ability to customize the fat injection to accommodate asymmetries of the face, and lower risk of infection compared to cheek implants. Another advantage of fat transfer to the face is the ability to treat multiple areas of volume loss at one time.

Microfat and nanofat transfers refer to fat cells that have been passed through various filters to break down the fat cells, releasing the signal factors within the fat cell. Micro fat and nanofat injections are placed more superficially helping to improve superficial lines, contour irregularities and skin quality. Microfat and nanofat are more aggressive refinements of harvested fat that can improve superficial lines and contour irregularities.