A chin implant, or chin augmentation, creates facial harmony by restoring the proper balance between other facial features as well as the neckline.

Chin Implant Results​


"I am extremely pleased with the entire procedure, from the consult to surgery. The staff is very sweet & knowledgeable of what they are doing. Felt very comfortable w/ Dr. Kaniff & this facility. Not to mention I love the results."
– S.S

Chin Implant FAQs

Chin implants come in different sizes and styles. The style of chin implants differ in their basic shape and how it projects the chin. Some chin implants enhance the front of the chin, others enhance the area between the chin and the jowl, while others enhance both. Each style of implant comes in different sizes.
During the procedure different chin implant styles and sizes of implants are placed in the created pocket and their appearance evaluated. The implant style and size that is selected is the one that looks best from both the side and front views.
The chin implant is made from silicone. The implant is solid, not a liquid.
The risk of infection, shift or rejection of the chin implant is very small. If for any reason it is necessary, the chin implant can be removed.
Patients trust Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates and Dr. Kaniff because of his expertise in facial appearance and artistic eye.