A rhinoplasty or nose job changes the shape of the nose to improve a patient’s overall facial balance, facial profile and boosts self-confidence. Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates has helped hundreds of patients achieve a more desirable, symmetrical, and functioning nose. Plastic surgery patients trust double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Kaniff and his team because of his rhinoplasty expertise and experience.

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“Once again Dr. Kaniff and ALL his staff are exceptionally professional and personal, with great smiles and attitudes. I feel we all have our own flaws that we need to deal with in our own ways. Mine however seems to be physical. Dr. Kaniff not only helped with the hope of the physical change but made it a reality. I will always look to Dr. Kaniff to help me with any future changes. He’s a great doctor, a good person and a person that will always give me hope for change. Thank you Dr. Kaniff and ALL his staff”
– B. H.
“I am very thankful for the excellent job Dr. Thomas Kaniff did to restore my breathing and my nose to its’ original condition before I broke it. Before my nasal operation sleeping at night was very difficult even with sinus medication. I would wake up on and off at night, most nights. I was tired all day. I was afraid to have this operation done because of my father’s experience with his nose… I wanted to remind you what a wonderful Dr. you have on staff.”
- V.A.
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