At Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates in Sacramento, CA, we specialize in rhinoplasty, a transformative procedure that reshapes the nose to enhance facial harmony. Rhinoplasty is more than just a cosmetic surgery; it’s a precise art that requires skill and expertise. With our rhinoplasty services, you can expect a tailored approach that addresses your unique needs and goals, providing a refined and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

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What Is a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a procedure that aims to alter the nose’s shape, size, or proportions to improve facial harmony and, in some cases, breathing function. This complex process involves sculpting the bone and cartilage of the nose to achieve a desired shape and size that aligns with the patient’s facial features and personal preferences.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty

During an open rhinoplasty, we make an incision along the columella, which is the strip of tissue separating the nostrils. This technique allows the surgeon to lift the skin off the nasal structures, providing full access to the nose’s inner structures. This approach is usually preferred for more complex procedures, such as significant reshaping or reconstruction, as it offers better visibility and access to the surgeon.

Closed Rhinoplasty

During a closed rhinoplasty, we make all the necessary incisions inside the nostrils, which means no visible scars will be left outside the nose. This technique is less invasive than open rhinoplasty and is usually recommended for patients who require minor adjustments. The operation time for this procedure is usually shorter than that of an open rhinoplasty, and the recovery period may be quicker with reduced swelling.

Tip Rhinoplasty

Tip rhinoplasty focuses on reshaping the nose’s tip without altering the nasal structure’s other parts. This procedure is suitable for individuals who are happy with their noses’ overall size and shape but want to refine or lift the tip. It can be performed using either the open or closed approach, depending on the extent of the changes needed.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure performed to improve or correct the results of a previous nose surgery. This type of surgery is usually more complicated than primary rhinoplasty because it may involve repairing scar tissue, restoring nasal function, or achieving the desired aesthetic outcome that was not achieved with the first surgery.

Non-invasive Rhinoplasty

Non-invasive rhinoplasty, sometimes called a “liquid nose job” or “non-invasive nose job,” involves using dermal fillers to temporarily alter the shape of the nose. This method can be used to smooth out bumps, fill in depressions, or make the nose appear more symmetrical. It’s a non-surgical option that provides immediate results with no downtime, but the effects are not permanent and typically last from six months to a year.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Improved Breathing Function

Rhinoplasty can correct structural abnormalities in the nasal passage, such as a deviated septum, enhancing airflow and making breathing easier and more comfortable. This improvement can enhance sleep quality and reduce symptoms of poor nasal breathing, such as snoring and sleep apnea.

Enhanced Facial Harmony

By reshaping the proportions of the nose, rhinoplasty can bring a more balanced and harmonious look to the facial features, often enhancing the natural beauty and symmetry of the face. This can boost satisfaction with one’s appearance, as the nose is a central feature of the face.

Corrects Birth Defects or Trauma

Rhinoplasty can effectively correct nose shape and function issues caused by congenital disabilities or injuries, restoring the nose’s appearance and functionality. This improves the aesthetic look of the nose and addresses any physical discomfort or breathing challenges resulting from these conditions.

Permanent Results

Unlike non-surgical cosmetic treatments, rhinoplasty results are permanent, providing a long-lasting solution to cosmetic or functional nasal issues. Patients can enjoy the benefits of the surgery for a lifetime without the need for repeated treatments.

Customizable Procedure

Rhinoplasty is highly customizable, allowing for a tailored approach to meet each patient’s unique needs and preferences. This ensures that the results align with your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty

What Is the Recovery Time for Rhinoplasty?

Most patients can return to their normal activities within two weeks after rhinoplasty, although swelling and bruising may persist for a few weeks. Follow post-operative care instructions for optimal healing.

How Long Do the Results of Rhinoplasty Last?

The results of rhinoplasty are generally permanent. While the aging process can cause minor changes over time, the overall shape and structure of the nose remain consistent. Patients can enjoy long-lasting improvements in both appearance and function.

Will I Have Scars After Rhinoplasty?

In a closed rhinoplasty, all incisions are made inside the nostrils, leaving no visible scars. In an open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made on the underside of the nose, but it is usually well-hidden and fades over time. We strive to minimize scarring for a more natural-looking result.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Good candidates for rhinoplasty are generally healthy individuals with realistic expectations about the outcome. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose or have breathing issues, a consultation with us can determine if rhinoplasty is the right choice for you.

Discover the Beauty of Rhinoplasty With Us in Sacramento, CA

At Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates in Sacramento, CA, we bring years of experience and a passion for excellence to every rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty offers a range of benefits, from enhancing facial harmony to improving breathing function. With our expertise, you can achieve a natural-looking, beautifully balanced nose that complements your overall appearance. Contact us online or call (916) 480-9080 for a consultation with us. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your beauty with rhinoplasty.


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“Once again Dr. Kaniff and ALL his staff are exceptionally professional and personal, with great smiles and attitudes. I feel we all have our own flaws that we need to deal with in our own ways. Mine however seems to be physical. Dr. Kaniff not only helped with the hope of the physical change but made it a reality. I will always look to Dr. Kaniff to help me with any future changes. He’s a great doctor, a good person and a person that will always give me hope for change. Thank you Dr. Kaniff and ALL his staff”
– B. H.
“I am very thankful for the excellent job Dr. Thomas Kaniff did to restore my breathing and my nose to its’ original condition before I broke it. Before my nasal operation sleeping at night was very difficult even with sinus medication. I would wake up on and off at night, most nights. I was tired all day. I was afraid to have this operation done because of my father’s experience with his nose… I wanted to remind you what a wonderful Dr. you have on staff.”
- V.A.
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