A neck lift improves the contour of the neck by removing fatty deposits, tightening muscles and removing excess skin. A good neck lift candidate has fullness under their chin and jowls, as well as sagging of neck skin and muscles. If your neckline and neck contour improves when you pull back the area you probably are a good neck lift surgery candidate.

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“Just had a neck lift. The results are better than I dared hope, and I'm only 2 weeks out from the surgery. Dr. Kaniff is a genius. The staff is caring, professional. Everything top-notch. I recommend it without reservation. Please note that he is a specialist in facial fixes, which of course is what I needed. Gone are all the ugly "dewlaps," saggy crappy skin and jowls, but nothing looks fake or phony or "too good to be true." I have a normal neck. I'm thrilled.”

- K.W.

Neck lift FAQs

Neck lift surgery recovery involves minimal activity for several days, avoiding any heavy bending or lifting. Neck lift patients are encouraged not to turn their neck for a couple weeks, so that tissue can heal in their new position. Bruising resolves in about seven days. Most patients return to work in 7- 10 days, depending on their job. Physical activity is gradually increased over the next four weeks.

The difference between a neck lift and min-facelift is that the neck lift focuses on improving the neck line whereas a mini-facelift focus is on restoring cheek contour.
Necklace lines are lines etched in the neck and are a sign of sun damaged skin and elasticity loss. Necklace lines may be softened by neck lift but they will not be eliminated.
Neck lift surgery will help the contour of the under neck and the area under the chin, but will not improve a weakly projected. Chin implant surgery improves a weakly projected chin and is often an excellent compliment to a neck lift.
The fellowship trained facial plastic surgeons at Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates have the expertise and experience, having performed hundreds of neck lift procedures creating a more youthful neckline.