Mini Face Lift
(Cheek Lift)

A mini-facelift rejuvenates and refreshes the cheek and jowl areas by repositioning the deeper layers, which have sagged over time, back to their youthful position. The mini-facelift is known by many names including cheek lift, short scar facelift, weekend facelift to name a few.

Mini Face lift Results


“Above and beyond all expectations! Everyone was excellent, informative, and reassuring. I NEVER felt any stress or doubt about the competency or level of professionalism throughout the staff and with Dr Kaniff. This was as good as it gets in my opinion. Thank you all!!”
– E. M.

Mini Face Lift FAQs

Like a mini-facelift, a facelift addresses sagging cheek tissues but a facelift also addresses sagging neck tissues. Facelift incisions are hidden in the natural creases around the front of the ear similar to mini-facelift incisions, but also includes incisions behind the ear and along the hairline behind the ear, as well as, a short incision under the chin.
The best age to have a mini-facelift lift is when the cheek tissues and jowl start to become lax. The results of a mini-facelift heal better and last longer in younger patients. Facial tissue that becomes too lax will require more extensive procedures such as facelift surgery.
Hair loss after a mini facelift is unusual. The mini-facelift incisions are carried up into the hair above and well behind the hairline.
Mini facelift patients trust Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates and Dr. Kaniff because of their special training, expertise and experience necessary to deliver the highest quality facial cosmetic surgery.