Treating Frown Lines with Dysport

Most of us realize that we are going to get older. However, it is still shocking when we see changes in our appearance, especially if they are quite drastic. Since the changes that take place in our appearance can be subtle, we may not really notice the aging process taking place. However, when we compare what we see in the mirror right now to an older picture, we may be absolutely shocked. It is usually not until a person has this kind of shock that they decide to use cosmetic treatments like Dysport® in order to help them slow down the aging process and improve their appearance.

One of the main things that is associated with getting older is wrinkles. It is important for individuals to understand that there are two types of wrinkles, and each type of wrinkle has a different way of being treated. The first kind of wrinkles that a person will have are called static wrinkles. These happen because a person loses the volume in their face as they get older, and so their skin begins to sag. There are variety of ways to treat these kinds of wrinkles, and one of the most effective ways is using dermal fillers. They add volume to the face, which smooths out the skin.

The second kind of wrinkles that a person gets are called dynamic wrinkles. These are wrinkles that happen only when you make facial expressions, at least when you are younger. Individuals of all ages have dynamic wrinkles when they frown or smile. As a person gets older, in addition to seeing dynamic wrinkles when they actually make an expression, the wrinkles are still stuck on their face even when they make no expression at all. Years of crinkling the face in the same way causes creases in the skin. Dysport® is a great product to use in order to help dynamic wrinkles. The reason why this product works is because it relaxes the muscles, leaving the skin on top of the muscles smooth.

Dysport® is particularly good at treating frown lines. Frown lines occur between the brow and on the forehead. It is very common for individuals who are dealing with frown lines to have people ask if they are angry or sad. The thing about frown lines is that a person may have them on their face even when they are not scowling or in a grumpy mood. Dysport® can smooth out the skin and allow you to express your true emotions without creases left on your face that make other people think that you feel one way when you do not feel that way at all.

Using products like Dysport® to treat frown lines is safe. It has been used many times to help individuals treat dynamic wrinkles effectively. The best way for you to find out if Dysport® or a similar product is right for you is to schedule a consultation at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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