Facelift surgery (Rhytidectomy) is a popular plastic surgery procedure helping men and women look as good as they feel. You are a candidate for a facelift if you want to look 10- 15 years younger and improve that tired face looking back in the mirror.

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“My experience with a facelift at Dr. Kaniff's office was very positive. I had consulted with two plastic surgeons previously and was impressed by Dr. Kaniff's low pressure alternatives. One surgeon had an "all or nothing" approach and left me nearly in tears, but I found Dr. Kaniff to be open to whatever I felt comfortable doing. He made suggestions, but worked with me to find a way around my concerns. For example, the other surgeon wanted to do a brow lift with a center hairline incision which would be exposed with my preferred hairstyle. Dr. Kaniff offered to do the procedure with incisions at the temples, where they would be covered by my hair. Certainly, I never felt pressured to have more work done than I wanted. The staff was wonderfully supportive. Facial surgery is such a personal and emotional decision, but I felt completely at ease with Dr. Kaniff's staff and pleased with the result. I continue to visit for botox injections."
– C.R.

Facelift FAQs

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates and Dr. Kaniff performs only surgery of the face and neck, having the specialized facial surgery training, expertise and experience. This is why hundreds of patients have trusted their faces to us.
Face lift surgery anesthesia is performed using the comfortable and safe twilight anesthesia – medication given intravenously in conjunction with local anesthesia. People are familiar with twilight anesthesia from having procedures such as oral surgery or colonoscopy. Dr. Kaniff does not recommend general anesthesia which often has a longer recovery, as well as more bruising and nausea.
A full facelift refers to a procedure that improves the cheek, neck and forehead (brow lift). A facelift refers to a procedure that helps the cheek and neck. A mini-facelift helps improve the cheeks and a neck lift improves the appearance of the neck.
A facelift improves the appearance of the cheek and neck, by repositioning sagging tissues, removing unwanted fat and removing excess skin. A facelift does not change the quality of the skin itself. Many wrinkles are a result of skin quality issues and therefore will be improved/ softened, but not eliminated with a facelift.
The cost of facelift surgery varies depending on the treatment plan developed at your facelift consultation and a detailed fee estimate will be provided.