Tighten Loose Skin with a Neck Lift

Mature adults often experience sagging skin on the face and neck. This is primarily due to the effects of gravity, a decrease in the amount of collagen produced in and beneath the skin and moisture loss. The result is wrinkled, loose skin, or skin that collects excess fat and droops beneath the jaw. Surgical repositioning is often the best treatment option.

A neck lift is similar to a facelift, but corrects sagging, wrinkling skin on the upper half of the neck rather than on the lower half of the face. The procedure is actually rather simple and can help restore your neck skin to its smoother, more youthful appearance. This skin tightening procedure does require a bit of downtime, but the results are often better than what the client would expect.

Signs of Aging Skin

The front of the neck is covered by rather loose skin to begin with, but the amount of collagen helps to keep it smooth. However, as we age, we often notice horizontal folds or wrinkle lines, a sag along the lower jawline or the dreaded turkey wattle.

These are signs that the neck skin is becoming more and more loose and brittle. It often occurs even if the facial skin is still smooth and supple in appearance. The best way to correct this problem is to have the skin pulled tight through a simple surgical procedure.

How a Neck Lift is Performed

Before we schedule this procedure, we consult with the client and decide whether the condition is actually severe enough to warrant surgery. If a neck lift is determined to be the best option, we will give the client detailed information outlining how the procedure is performed and how to get ready for it.

The details of the neck lift procedure vary from person to person since each client is unique. It often depends on the size of the area to be treated and the amount of excess skin. A typical procedure usually involves the removal of excess fatty tissue and the pulling, tightening and removal of skin. The smoother-looking skin will soon adhere once more to the underlying tissues.

After Surgery

The client will have to wear bandages for a set amount of time after the procedure. We will schedule at least one follow-up visit to check on the healing process. Once the skin attaches itself to the supportive tissues, the results will immediately be noticed. The flatter, smoother skin will seem to take years off the client’s appearance, and the results often last for years.

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