The Top Plastic Surgeon in Sacramento

It takes a great commitment to excellence and unwavering devotion to patients to become the top plastic surgeon in Sacramento. A plastic surgeon’s years of training must focus on all areas and types of cosmetic plastic surgery, and the top surgeon is one who maintains integrity throughout a career founded on this training. 

Dr. Thomas E. Kaniff, MD, FACS, is one such plastic surgeon, and his character, demeanor, skill set, integrity, and experience are all supported by the continuous satisfaction and appreciation of his patients. 

A Well-Rounded and Prestigious Training Background 

To become one of the best plastic surgeons, a surgeon must study the traditional models of training in facial rejuvenation while also focusing on integrative, alternative, and new techniques and procedures. 

Dr. Kaniff always devotes his practice to providing patients with the most up-to-date services administered with the utmost compassion and the latest technology.

As the Medical Director at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento, CA, Dr. Kaniff brings trusted experience, education, and formal training to every patient who walks through the center’s doors.

With more than 20 years of professional medical experience, he is a graduate of the elite Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago, where he also completed his residency. 

Dr. Kaniff completed his internship in Los Angeles at the L.A. County-USC Medical Center. In addition, his fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery was completed at the world-renowned McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic in Gulf Shores, Alabama, near Birmingham.

Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center

Located in Sacramento, CA, Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center (KCMC) is led by Dr. Kaniff and is renowned throughout the state as one of the most prestigious practices for facial plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. 

The center offers a vast array of treatments and cosmetic services. Some of the procedures Dr. Kaniff specializes in include:

Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center serves patients throughout the entire Sacramento area, including Granite Bay, Modesto, Roseville, and El Dorado Hills.

Services and Procedures Offered by the Top Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

As the best plastic surgeon in Sacramento, Dr. Kaniff offers the most advanced, effective cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures available, in addition to the best non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as well.

Some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures available at the center include:

In addition, some of the non-surgical solutions offered by Dr. Kaniff and his team are:

No matter which procedures a patient is interested in, they will always receive priority attention from Dr. Kaniff and the staff at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center. As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kaniff strives to always give patients the very best natural-looking results possible.

Compassion, integrity, ingenuity, respect, dedication, commitment are just a few of the words that are routinely used to describe the top plastic surgeon in Sacramento. Dr. Kaniff seeks to achieve the best in every case, during every procedure, and for every patient.

Superior Results from a Superior Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Patients have been delighted with the results from procedures they undergo at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center for more than two decades. 

At Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center, Dr. Kaniff and the entire staff understand how important it is for patients to be able to maintain a self-concept and body image they love. The staff of KCMC works to help patients feel good about themselves and the decisions they make regarding facial rejuvenation procedures.

Some facial surgery and rejuvenation decisions are understandably difficult for patients to make. This is why everyone at KCMC feels a deep responsibility to help patients in the decision-making process. 

The expertise, creativity, and knowledge that the top plastic surgeon in Sacramento brings to patients are evident not just in before-and-after photos of patients but also in their praise of KCMC.

Why So Many Seek Out Dr. Kaniff, the Top Plastic Surgeon in Sacramento

Dr. Kaniff does specialize in both surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation, as well as rhinoplasty. However, he also specializes in connecting with patients on a personal, empathetic level, which is essential to earning the trust of patients and delivering the results they look for to feel good about themselves.

As the top Sacramento facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kaniff is a volunteer clinical faculty member at the University of California in the Division of Plastic Surgery. He is also on the staff of Mercy General Hospital and Sutter Community Hospital.

Dr. Kaniff is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and he does volunteer work with WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment). His volunteer work with WEAVE includes pro bono plastic surgery as part of a program for battered women in recovery. 

In addition, Dr. Kaniff is active in the Sacramento Sierra Medical Society and is the founder of the Sacramento Cosmetic Surgery Speaker’s Bureau.

Trust Dr. Kaniff and the KCMC Staff for Your Facial Rejuvenation 

When it comes to facial plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments, Dr. Thomas Kaniff uses his unique ability to approach patients’ issues from a different perspective and apply the best, most advanced treatments for their benefit. 

If you’re interested in receiving any type of facial rejuvenation procedure, you deserve to have the top surgeon in Sacramento working for you. Contact the Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center today to schedule a consultation.

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