Juvederm a New Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center is pleased to announce that beginning January, 2007 we will be offering a new line of injectable fillers called Juvedrem. Juvederm is a “next generation” family of smooth, long lasting gel dermal fillers, and the latest advance in hyaluronic acid cosmetic filler technology. Over recent years, hyaluronic acid, a complex sugar already found naturally in the body, has becomed a favored compound for replenishing the areas of the face where the skin’s volume and fullness has been lost.

In the body, hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen and elastin fibers of the skin. It is present in all living cells; attracting and binding water, hydrating and giving the skin smoothness and volume. However, as the body ages, the ability of the body’s cells to manufacture its own hyaluronic acid is diminished, resulting in the loss of skin volime, producing folds and wrinkles.

Juvederm is biosynthetic and of non- animal origin. Since it is not created from an animal source, there is little chance of allergic reaction. The formula is highly biocompatible, and no testing is required prior to administration. It has been proven to be safe and effective for skin of all types and colors.

The reported main difference between Juvederm and other popular hyularonic acid fillers is that Juvederm has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, and is produced with a special formulation process that makes it smoother than that of other popular gels.

The combination of the higher concentration of hyaluronic acid and the smoother formulation make Juvederm long-lasting (up to six months or longer), easier to fill with, and should produce more natural, even filling effects, with patient discomfort minimized at the injection site. As with other hyaluronic acid fillers, Juvederm is gradually absorbed into the body.

Juvederm’s solutions to facial wrinkles and folds are its two density formulations:

  • Juvederm Ultra: for contouring and volumizing average- depth depressions/wrinkles such as nasolabial folds, glabella lines, mild to moderate nasal and cheek furrows, and to plump up thin lips.
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus: where deeper correction is needed; used for volume filling of cheeks, lips and deep nasolabial folds.

Juvederm comes packed in a sterile syringe, ready to be administered. Juvederm is manufactured by Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic.

Call today to see if Juvederm is right for you.

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