Everything You Need to Know About Rhinoplasty in Sacramento

The quintessential aim of rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, is to improve the nose’s appearance in a way that it fits the patients’ facial features, ethnicity, gender, and even their height and body frame. Hence, Dr. Thomas Kaniff of the Kaniff Medical Center in Sacramento performs extensive facial and nasal exam prior to surgery to deliver the most natural results possible.


If you are healthy and have realistic expectations, you’re a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

Pre-op Consultation

The success of rhinoplasty is largely influenced by patient-doctor communication.  For this reason, Dr. Kaniff demands an in-depth discussion before surgery so you can share your input and cosmetic goals in detail.  The pre-op consultation also gives him the opportunity to explain the specifics of rhinoplasty and to allay any of your concern. For the best results, expect to explain your cosmetic expectations in as much detail as you can.

To further promote good communication, Dr. Kaniff also offers 3D imaging technology to illustrate the potential results of your surgery.

Meticulous Rhinoplasty

Meticulous surgical techniques not just promote natural results but also reduce bleeding and result in shorter recovery time.

Dr. Kaniff also offers a closed rhinoplasty technique in which results in quicker recovery than the open technique due to less post-op swelling and bruising.

Natural-Looking Results

Great results from rhinoplasty are generally subtle. There is typically a noticeably improved aesthetic appearance, but subtle enough that friends and family won’t jump to the conclusion that you’ve had a nose job.

Respecting the patient’s nasal anatomies, particularly the skin thickness, is one of the key elements to achieve natural results. Your gender will also determine the ideal rhinoplasty approach.  For instance, women can tolerate more angle of tip rotation (slightly upturned appearance of the nose), which is something that can effeminate the face of men and thus it is avoided like a plague in male rhinoplasty.

Also, your ethnicity determines the ideal surgical technique; this also ensures natural results and avoids surgical stigmata such as an amorphous tip.  After all, ethnic noses typically have thick skin and so Dr. Kaniff avoids over-correction, especially at the tip.

For more information about rhinoplasty and other facial cosmetic surgery procedures, please contact the experts at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento to schedule your consultation.

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