All You Need to Know About Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Sacramento, or a blepharoplasty, rejuvenates the eyes by correcting the drooping upper lid skin and eliminating the excess fat that is causing the appearance of under-eye bags. However, Dr. Thomas Kaniff of the renowned Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center performs upper eyelid surgery to improve the patient’s vision affected by the sagging upper lid.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

This approach works to remove the excess skin and fat that builds up over the eye. As your skin ages, it loses strength, causing the skin and fat to sag. This may be done by undergoing an upper eyelid surgery, you get to remove the sagging skin a obtain a more youthful, awake appearance.

Lower Eyelid

This procedure occurs underneath the eyes. Most people tend to get bags under their eyes, causing them to look tired and aged. This procedure removes the build-up, restoring your youthful skin.

Natural Results

Eyelid surgery can provide natural-looking results with precise skin and fat removal and muscle repair. Instead of removing the fat altogether, which may cause a skeletonized eye socket appearance, most patients can benefit from a more conservative approach of eliminating just a small amount of fat or redistributing the fat to eliminate the under-eye bag appearance.

Distributing the excess fat in the lower eyelid also ensures a smooth transition into the upper cheek, which is one of the hallmarks of a youthful face.

Take note that precise tissue removal not just promotes natural results but also preserves the normal function of your eyelid.


You are an ideal candidate for cosmetic eyelid surgery if you have a drooping upper lid and under-eye bags due to excess fat and/or skin, as opposed to eye allergies, water retention, or lack of sleep.

The truth is your chronological age does not matter.  In fact, some people undergo the procedure as young as 18 due to a congenital drooping upper lid.

Instead of your chronological age, our specialists considers other, more critical factors to determine your candidacy; these include your physical fitness (i.e., you should have no healing problem or any serious medical condition), your goals and expectations, and underlying anatomies.


As a stand-alone procedure, eyelid surgery entails a rather straightforward recovery, i.e., the pain is easily managed by oral pain medications.  Meanwhile, social recovery takes about a week or two.

To book your consultation or learn more about the rejuvenating effects of eyelid surgery, contact the experts at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento, California.

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