BOTOX vs. Dysport in Sacramento

The popularity of BOTOX®Sacramento is unquestionable. It is a procedure that has been used for multiple years by individuals who are looking to correct the damage done to their skin by dynamic wrinkles. BOTOX® is an injectable that has the ability to block the signals from nerves to muscles in the treated area. As a result, it allows muscles to relax and wrinkles in the forehead, along the sides of the eyes, and other parts of the face start to disappear. For the longest time, BOTOX® was the only product of this type available, and so it had no competition.

In the late 2000’s, a competitor of BOTOX® came on the scene, and this is Dysport®. Dysport®Sacramento received FDA approval in 2009. And although the product is relatively new in the United States, it has been used in Europe and around the world for an extended period of time. So now the question that many people have when choosing a neuromodulator to help address dynamic wrinkles is, which one should I use?

There are so many similarities between BOTOX® and Dysport®. For a lot of people, the difference is going to be minimal. Both of the products use a purified protein solution. Both products work by blocking the neural activity to the facial muscles.

One difference you will see is that the molecules in Dysport® are smaller than those in BOTOX®. So the unit of measurement used to distribute the product is different. But both products are equally effective, and both products produce the same kind of results.

Dysport® diffuses more. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, this can be a positive thing, or this can be a negative thing. If you’re looking to make a pinpoint change to a small area, then the diffusion of Dysport® might not be what you want. However, if you’re trying to cover a large area like the forehead, then the ease with which Dysport® diffuses might be considered an advantage.

If you are wanting to minimize the look of dynamic wrinkles, both BOTOX® or Dysport® can be the perfect solution. At Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento, we can help you find out which is the right treatment for your aesthetic needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started.

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