Restore Volume to Your Cheeks with Juvederm Voluma in Sacramento

Juvederm Voluma is a popular dermal filler that allows our team in Sacramento to address common cosmetic issues such as a loss of volume in the cheeks. Its thick consistency creates a beautiful, natural, and balanced appearance that could last for 18 months to two years or longer. If you are unhappy with your facial contours because of sunken cheeks or deep folds along the sides of the nose, then you might be the perfect candidate for this exciting new injectable.

The Signs of Aging

Many different cosmetic problems can make us look much older than we really are, and that includes sunken cheeks. Over the years, your body might begin to metabolize some of the fatty tissue that is stored just below your skin. While the idea of losing fat often sounds appealing, it can actually create a sunken or tired appearance. Many different products can be used to treat this particular cosmetic issue, but some of the most popular procedures take weeks to recover from. Juvederm Voluma has little to no downtime, and the results can last for well over a year with the proper aftercare.

A Look at Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a vital substance that is naturally found in your soft tissue, and it keeps your skin plump and healthy. Unfortunately, we tend to lose quite a bit of it as we grow older. Once your body’s store of hyaluronic acid is depleted, you might begin to notice a variety of cosmetic blemishes such as fine lines, wrinkles, and hollow cheeks. The primary ingredient in every dose of Juvederm Voluma is a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid that will add volume to your cheeks.

A Look at Your Appointment

Depending on how many doses are being administered, your entire appointment in Sacramento should take just minutes. Juvederm Voluma contains a numbing agent inside every injection, so you won’t have to worry about much discomfort during your treatment. Following your appointment, you can head right back to work or your other daily activities. Not only does Juvederm Voluma produce immediate results, but you might be able to enjoy your youthful new appearance for multiple years.

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