Turn Back Time with BOTOX in Granite Bay

Are you worried that your youthful skin is gone for good? With BOTOX in Granite Bay, you can see younger-looking skin in as little as a few days and with continuing treatments you can see amazing long-term results. BOTOX has become even safer and more popular, leading to extremely beautiful and natural results for both men and women. Today, you can also experience these fabulous results when you choose expert care at our office.

BOTOX is a fabulous treatment that can be used for a number of common problems. When used for cosmetic reasons, for which it is most popular, it most noticeably dims fine lines and wrinkles that can cause your face to appear aged or tired. Within a week of treatment, our patients can experience an incredible change in the number of expression lines they see. These are the lines that appear when smiling,  or making another expressions. Over the years, these lines can form deep ridges, which can be quite difficult to treat without invasive techniques. Therefore,BOTOX can be used to beautify the face and to decrease the appearance of skin aging.

BOTOX is  safe to use for patients seeking cosmetic treatments, and it is approved by the FDA. It is a neurotoxin that blocks the nerve impulses from firing in the small muscles of the face. When the muscles cannot contract, they cannot move the facial skin to cause lines and wrinkles. However, keep in mind that BOTOX is a temporary treatment. To maintain your great results, you may need to have continuing treatments every three to four months. The longer you get treatments, the longer the results will last, and you may find that you may eventually be able to go six months or longer between treatments. However, your practitioner will help you determine what is best for you.

You may be surprised to learn just how easy a single BOTOX cosmetic treatment really is. While we will give you a consultation before your first appointment to learn what your skin care goals are and to determine where you would best benefit from a BOTOX treatment, future appointments can  be incredibly fast. In fact, you should be in and out of our office within an hour. Plus, our patients tell us that they are incredibly comfortable throughout the treatment, which is performed by one of our highly trained and caring professionals. You can be able to return to your normal activities immediately afterwards because this is a simple and noninvasive treatment.

We are so excited about the number of patients that we have been able to help over the years with expert treatments of BOTOX cosmetics. Within days, they can feel and look younger, appear less tired, and feel more confident about their looks overall. If you are interested in smoothing away the appearance of fine lines, maybe it’s time you try BOTOX treatments. Reach out to us here at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center to learn more about treatment options. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!

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