The Consultation: What To Expect

You have been considering cosmetic surgery for some time and now you are ready! What should you do next?

Having made this mental decision, your next step is to chose your surgeon. Selecting a surgeon who is competent and with whom you feel comfortable is essential.

Often family and friends are helpful in providing suggestions. Attending educational seminars allow you to meet the doctor. You may call several offices and request information about the procedures that interests you. This allows you to develop a “feel” for the office.

The most important step is the consultation. This important meeting should allow sufficient time for you and the prospective surgeon to discuss your concerns.

The consultation should be private, relaxed, and unhurried. You should explain what troubles you. In turn the surgeon should take a thorough medical history and examination of the areas in question. He/she should then explain, in terms that you can understand, the nature of your condition and what your best options are for improvement.

Medical photos are often taken so that they can be later studied. Computer imaging may, also, be used as a communication tool to help evaluate your condition and what surgery may achieve.

Before and after pictures should be available for review. Also, arrangements can be made to discuss the surgical experience with other patients who have had similar procedures.

At the end you should receive a quotation outlining charges for the procedures discussed. If you are ready, a surgery date can be scheduled.

A consultation fee for the services outlined above is customary. Considering the investment you are about to make in yourself, this fee is minimal. This is not the time to cut corners.
Remember, the consultation is your chance to get the quality information you need to chose a doctor you feel confident will do a good job and with whom you can communicate.

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