The Benefits of Fat Transfer for Natural Facial Rejuvenation

You cannot stop the hands on the clock of time from turning. The years will continue to fly by and they seem to speed by even faster as you get older. While you might feel like a teenager on the inside, your face is telling you another story. Each time that you look in the mirror, you want to turn away. More lines are cropping up, you are losing your volume, and your skin is starting to sag. If you’re looking for a solution, consider fat transfer for natural facial rejuvenation.

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is gaining in popularity in the world of cosmetic procedures. It provides you with an alternative that does not involve invasive surgery. Excess fat is harvested from different areas of your body, such as your abdomen or buttocks, through liposuction. It is then purified and prepared for injection. Fat is injected into your face where your skin is drooping or you are being plagued by wrinkles. It provides you with a natural solution that will last. While other dermal fillers will need to be repeated, fat transfer can offer you enduring facial rejuvenation. The best part is that you are not using any type of artificial or synthetic filler, reducing your risk of infection. Fat comes from your own body and removes it from areas where it is not wanted.

What is involved in a Fat Transfer Procedure?

When you make an appointment for fat transfer, you can expect an outpatient procedure. You will be given a choice of local anesthesia or intravenous sedation while small incisions are made for fat removal. A cannula is inserted into the incision to allow fat to be suctioned out. Your incisions will be closed and the fat will go through a purification process. Once the fat has been prepared, your doctor will apply local anesthesia to any area where injections will be made. Combat the reduction of collagen production with fat transfer. Injections will provide you with more fullness in your face. It will also address lines and wrinkles.

Find Out if Fat Transfer is the Solution for You

You should meet Dr. Kaniff at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center to discuss the possibility of fat transfer for you. If you have a bleeding disorder, a skin condition, or you are prone to scarring, Dr. Kaniff may recommend other alternatives. He will discuss with you your health history and your goals. Feel like you have found the Fountain of Youth when you enjoy the benefits of facial rejuvenation through a natural approach. Fat transfer could be exactly what you need to look younger and feel better about yourself. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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