Sculptra – Injectables No Downtime Sacramento

If you’re tired of seeing hollow cheeks and facial wrinkles, it’s time to consider Sculptra injections. Sculptra is an injectable soft-tissue filler with numerous benefits.

One benefit of Sculptra is the level of convenience it offers. Other facial revitalization procedures involve a period of required downtime for the facial tissues to recover, but Sculptra volumizes the face without any need for a recovery period. Once the short injection procedure has been completed, the patient will be free to go about his or her day.

Interested in learning more about Sculptra and other rejuvenation procedures from Rhode Island’s top cosmetic and laser specialist? Visit Dr. Thomas Kaniff, board-certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, to discuss the numerous benefits of Sculptra in greater detail. To make an appointment, contact our office.

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