Otoplasty Recovery – Sacramento Ear Surgery

Getting an otoplasty operation to correct abnormal ears? If so, it’s important to have otoplasty recovery information on hand for your healing period.

Make sure to avoid heavy sun, and remember to practice proper sun protection for at least a one-year period. The right sunscreen will go a long way towards protecting the healing tissues. Keeping the ears cool is key, so it’s also important to avoid blow-drying the area. Don’t keep the ears too cool, though, as extreme cold will also be bad for the tissues.

With the proper care, your ears should heal without any major issues, so remember to practice correct post-operative care during your otoplasty recovery. Curious about where to get your otoplasty? Meet with skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Kaniff to learn more about his many years of experience and numerous satisfied patients. To set up a meeting, contact our office today.

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