New Help for Stubborn Wrinkles

There is now a new method of curing forehead furrows and crow’s feet.

Localized injection of a paralyzing drug into the muscles that cause wrinkles between the eyebrows and in the forehead give near miraculous results according to a recent report from the Gannett News Sevice.

The treatment is radically different from any used for cosmetic enhancement and it is useful only in treated forehead wrinkles because they are the only ones caused by overuse for facial muscles. These are muscles of facial expression that with repeated use over the years cause wrinkling in the overlying skin. Elimination of the muscle activity removes the forces on the overlying skin allowing the wrinkle to smooth out and prevent the progression of the wrinkling process.

Lines from the procerus and corrugator muscles-the ones that cause downward wrinkles atop the nose and lines or dents near the eyebrows-are most dramatically removed by the injection.

In addition some doctors inject the drug into the frontalis muscle which causes the horizontal grooves across the forehead, and also in to the area where crow’s feet develop around the eyes.

The procedure involves the injection of a very small amount of the diluted drug, Botox, into the muscle through a very small needle. Over the next two to three days the activity in the muscle is diminished. This results in a smoothing of the overlying wrinkle and an inability of that muscle to contract. Sometimes a second injection is needed to achieve the best result. There is no bruising or swelling. Recent reports estimate a greater than 75% success rate in significantly improving the wrinkle treated.

The effects of Botox last approximately three to four months at which time injection is necessary to maintain the improvement. Some doctors think, however, that with these muscles paralyzed, patients learn not to use them, thereby making effects of the injections permanent. But they aren’t sure, because the procedure has been available only about a year. Now, patients must return every several months for treatments that can start at $175 and average over $300.

The drug has been used successfully for years to treat cross-eyes, uncontrolled blinking and spasms of the neck muscle. Now it can be used to treat those lines of expression that cause forehead furrows and crow’s feet by freezing the muscles and smoothing the skin that wrinkles when people furrow brows, frown, or squint.

While possibly temporary, the treatment is safe and produces what some specialists say are “near miraculous” results and significant improvements. Reports one patient: who had a habit of scrunching her forehead while talking, creating deep furrows between her eyebrows: “I had awesome results…I could be a poster child for this.” The procedure is gaining great popularity for older and younger men and women, largely by word of mouth.

More importantly, it can replace or postpone more aggressive efforts to remove forehead wrinkles through surgery. It should be noted however that if a skin wrinkle is already formed, the results of the injection may not be as dramatic and other options may need to be considered.

There are a number of surgical techniques available to permanently interrupt these muscles through a forehead or scalp incision. Other techniques for treating deep wrinkles include the use of filler materials such as collagen, dermis or fat. These options may be better suited for the individual who already has well established deep grooves.

It is best to consult your facial plastic surgeon to determine which would be the best option for your particular situation.
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