Liposuction Recovery – Sacramento Post-Operative Care

Once your trouble areas have been reduced in volume using liposuction surgery, you’ll need to rest and heal. Liposuction recovery varies in time and effort depending on the degree of liposuction and the areas involved.

Because the tissues of the targeted areas will be altered during liposuction, they will be weakened and swollen afterwards. As part of your liposuction recovery, you may need to wear an elastic support garment. This will help control tissue swelling and support the tissues in their new configuration.

Liposuction recovery can be made as comfortable as possible by adhering to your plastic surgeon’s care instructions. Dr. Thomas Kaniff, board-certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, can explain more during a liposuction consultation. To make an appointment for a consultation at our office, contact us.

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