Latisse Treatments – Eyelash Revitalization Sacramento

Long, dark, beautiful eyelashes are an asset. Lovely lashes make a great first impression and draw attention to the face and eyes. If you’ve been losing lashes and the ones you’re left with are shorter, thinner, and lighter, give them an upgrade – with Latisse treatments!

This prescription eyelash revitalization treatment is perfect for thinning lashes that lack the luster they once held. Latisse treatments can improve color, size, and length, along with helping to regrow missing lashes.

Are you ready to restore your eyelashes with Latisse treatments? Then call or email our office today to arrange for a consultation. Dr. Thomas Kaniff, a plastic surgeon board-certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, has a great deal of experience with aesthetic rejuvenation, so get in touch now for an appointment!

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