Is Kybella the Solution to Your Double Chin?

Are you tired of seeing a double chin every time that you look in the mirror? The team at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento is here to help! Kybella® in Sacramento is an effective solution to this condition that happens to many people as they age. Even if you are in great shape, fat cells can accumulate under your chin and create a double chin. Luckily, Kybella® in Sacramento can remove these fat cells and help you obtain the sharp jawline that you remember from your younger days. If you are bothered by your double chin but are not interested in invasive techniques as a solution, this treatment is a great option to consider.
How Does Kybella® in Sacramento Work?
The fat cells that often accumulate under your chin as you age can be especially difficult to get rid of. Kybella® essentially freezes your fat cells and they are then dispelled from your body. Once these fat cells have been destroyed they will never return again. If you have tried everything but still haven’t attained the look that you want, it’s time to give this treatment a try! Each treatment session lasts about a half hour and there are no side effects and you will not need any downtime following your session. Kybella® is a safe and effective treatment that allows you to continue on with your day immediately following your appointment.
How Many Treatment Sessions in Sacramento Will I Need?
Every situation is unique, and the requirements for your treatment plan will vary depending on your original condition and the results that you desire. A member of our team will discuss your treatment and desired outcome with you during your consultation. Typically, patients need a number of treatment sessions to achieve the look that they want. The injection destroys the fat cells in the treated area and they will not return once they have been eradicated. There is no recuperation period following your sessions, and you can even have your treatments done during your lunch hour. This treatment is a great way to get the results that you want without surgery.
Don’t let a double chin or sagging jawline add years to your appearance. Kybella® in Sacramento is an effective solution that can get you the results you want. Contact the team at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento today and schedule your consultation!

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