How Long Is Recovery from Rhinoplasty?

Receiving a rhinoplasty is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your face. At Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento, California, we can use this cosmetic procedure to correct the shape of your nose and decrease the size of this facial feature. In addition, we can make your nose more symmetrical and improve your ability to breathe.

How Long Is Recovery From Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is an aesthetic procedure that is used to change the appearance of your nose. The techniques that we use during your nose job, your general health, and other variables will impact the duration of your recovery period. However, this is a very straightforward procedure, and you will not spend a long time recovering from your nose job.

Taking Time Off

In general, you should plan on staying home from your job or taking time off from school for about seven days. You will wear a splint on your nose during this time. After we remove your splint, you are likely to feel comfortable going out in public and returning to your school or workplace.

Adjusting Your Diet

We will typically advise you to eat simple, bland foods during the beginning of your recovery period. Eating spicy foods or very salty foods can put extra stress on your body and make it more difficult for your nasal tissues to heal. In addition to eating a simple diet, you should hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water and other fluids.

Resting Your Body

Although you will usually be able to resume your job or go back to school after seven days, you should rest your body during the next several weeks. In particular, you will need to avoid engaging in strenuous exercise for about two weeks. In addition, you should not pick up heavy items while your tissues are healing.

We may also advise you to keep your nose elevated during the beginning of your recovery period. To keep your nose in the proper position while you are sleeping, you can use pillows to elevate your head.

Completing Your Recovery Period

Although your nose will heal at a unique rate, your nasal tissues should be mostly recovered after three weeks have passed. During the next several months, your nose should completely recover. At this point, you will see the full effect of your nose job.

What Techniques Can I Use to Improve My Nose?

We can use a wide range of techniques to improve the appearance and functionality of your nose.

Performing a Liquid Nose Job

You don’t have to receive an invasive procedure to enhance your nose. A liquid nose job, also known as a non-invasive nose job, is a technique that uses injectable products to transform this facial feature. During your liquid nose job, we will inject dermal fillers into your face. These fillers will improve the shape of your nose and decrease the visibility of bumps and other imperfections.

Using the Open Technique

If you would like to achieve dramatic changes in your nose, we may use an open technique to improve your appearance. During this type of nose job, we will gently cut into the skin between each of your nostrils. We will also make incisions in the tissues in the interior of your nose.

We will use these incisions to analyze the tissues and bones in your nose. During your procedure, we can make your nose smaller, put grafts in your nose, and make other changes to this part of your body.

Using the Closed Technique

If you are trying to achieve more minimal changes in your nose, we may advise you to receive a closed rhinoplasty. If you use this technique to improve your appearance, you will not receive any incisions on the outside of your nose. Instead, we will cut into the tissues that are located inside your nose. Next, we will improve your cartilage and bones.

Revising a Previous Procedure

A revision procedure is used to alter or enhance the effects of a nose job that you received in the past. For example, you might feel that a nose job that you received from another healthcare provider did not create dramatic changes in your face. During a revision procedure, we can improve the tip of your nose, make further adjustments to the size of your nose, or create other changes in this part of your face.

Improving Your Nasal Tip

Your nasal tip can make your nose look longer, larger, or crooked. We can use a variety of techniques to change the appearance of the lower area of your nose.

What Should I Expect During My Procedure?

We will adapt your nose job to fit the condition of your nasal bones and tissues, your individual preferences, and other factors.

Keeping You Comfortable

We can use a variety of techniques to maintain your comfort levels while we improve your nose. For example, we may use local anesthesia to numb your tissues during your appointment. We can also provide you with sedation that will keep you relaxed during this process. Alternatively, we can give you general anesthesia that will keep you unconscious throughout your procedure.

Improving Your Nose

After we have given you anesthesia, we will begin to improve your nose. We will typically create very small incisions into the tissues at the base of your nose. Alternatively, we might begin by cutting into your nostrils. Next, we will remove excess cartilage, improve the position of your bones, or use other methods to enhance your nose.

Will My Nose Job Produce Permanent Changes in My Appearance?

If you receive a liquid nose job, your body will gradually process the dermal fillers that we used to improve your nose. As a result, your nose will slowly return to its previous appearance. You can maintain the positive changes in your nose by getting periodic follow-up injections.

In contrast, receiving a cosmetic procedure will permanently change the structure, size, or shape of your nose. When you use this technique to improve your face, you will not receive touch-up procedures. However, the shape of your nose may change as you age. In particular, your nose may lengthen when you get older.

Will My Health Insurance Help Me Pay for My Nose Job?

Health insurance usually does not cover procedures and treatments that are designed to make you look younger or correct aesthetic problems. However, certain nasal issues can negatively impact your breathing. Sometimes, we can correct these problems during a nose job.

If we enhance your breathing ability during your procedure, your insurance may cover some of the costs that are associated with your nose job. To learn more about your ability to receive coverage for your procedure, you should contact your insurance agent.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Nose Job?

If you don’t like the size, shape, or overall appearance of your nose, you should think about correcting this feature with a nose job. However, you will need to wait until your nose has reached its adult size before you receive this procedure. If you are female, you will usually be able to get a nose job when you are 15 or older. If you are male, you will usually be eligible for a nose job when you are 16 or older.

Adjusting Your Lifestyle

In addition to having a fully developed nose, you will need to meet other requirements before you receive this procedure. In particular, playing football, soccer, and other sports after your procedure could cause you to injure your healing tissues and damage your nose. As a result, you may need to take a break from these sports after you improve your nose.

Fixing Age-Related Changes

In addition to fixing nasal problems that you’ve had since birth, we can improve age-related changes that you experienced later in life. For example, you might develop a long, droopy nose as you age. If you don’t like these changes, you might benefit from getting a nose job.

When Should I Receive a Revision Nose Job?

It’s normal to feel disappointed and upset if you don’t like the results of a nose job that you received from another medical provider. However, you will need to give your nose ample time to heal before you receive a revision procedure. During the next 12 months, your tissues will continue to heal, and the structure and shape of your nose will gradually change.

These changes may fix some of the problems that are bothering you. Alternatively, you might develop new issues that you would like to correct during your revision procedure. As a result, you will achieve more pleasing changes in your nose if you receive your revision procedure after at least a year has passed. In addition, giving your tissues ample time to heal will make it easier for us to improve your nose during your revision procedure.

Can I Receive Other Cosmetic Procedures During My Nose Job?

It’s common to receive other cosmetic procedures while you are getting your nose job. Receiving several procedures during one appointment can be a good way to reduce your anesthesia costs and shorten your recovery period. For example, you could choose to receive a facelift during your nose job. During a facelift, we can firm the skin on your face and minimize your wrinkles.

In addition, we often perform a nose job and a chin implantation procedure during a single appointment. If your chin is out of balance with your mouth and other features on your face, you might benefit from receiving this procedure. Receiving this type of implant can also improve the appearance of loose skin on the lower portion of your face and neck.

Will I Receive Nasal Packing After My Procedure Is Complete?

Sometimes, medical providers put special packing materials in people’s noses after their procedures are complete. These materials can help nasal tissues heal.

Typically, we will not pack your nose after we finish your procedure. Instead, we will typically use a sophisticated technique to suture your nasal tissues. This technique will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your recovery period.

Enhance Your Nose

Receiving a rhinoplasty is a fantastic way to enhance the appearance of your nose and improve your self-esteem. Minimizing the size of your nose, correcting asymmetries, and fixing other nasal issues will make you feel beautiful and confident. To learn whether you are a suitable candidate for a nose job, contact us at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento, California.

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