Gain More Volume with a Facial Fat Transfer in Sacramento

You’re not happy with what you see when you look at your face in the mirror. You’ve lost the fullness that you used to have and there are hollows in your cheeks. It only makes you look older than your years and tired. You want to give yourself the volume you used to have, but you don’t want to turn to fillers to get the desired effect. Consider a facial fat transfer in Sacramento to create a transformation. Whether you lost a great deal of weight and it has really drawn out your face or you are seeing the effects of getting older, this procedure can fill in the hollows to make you look your best.

How Does a Facial Fat Transfer Work?

A facial fat transfer is a procedure in which fat is harvested from a part of your body where you have unwanted stores of fat. The fat is purified and then it is injected into your face. It’s a natural way to fill in the hollows and any fine lines or wrinkles by using a substance that comes from your own body. You can have fat transferred to your lips as well if you have noticed that they have lost volume.

As you get older, your collagen production decreases. Your skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. The fat in your face may also begin to disappear. When you don’t have fullness in your face, it can really age you. It can also make your skin sag even more. You can turn the situation around with a facial fat transfer.

Why Choose a Facial Fat Transfer?

While there are other fillers that can be used to increase the volume in your face, there is always the risk of a reaction. When you choose a fat transfer, you are using something that comes from your body. It will look and feel natural. Best of all, you will get rid of fat from another part of your body. You will be putting it to good use as you feel better about the way that you look. These procedures are gaining in popularity in Sacramento and elsewhere, and for good reason!

To learn more about the possibility of a facial fat transfer, make an appointment with our plastic surgeon at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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