Fat Transfer for Facial Wrinkles

You have tried to do everything possible to stave off the signs of aging. You have taken care of your skin and protected it from the damages of the sun. You eat healthy foods and exercise. Getting enough sleep and staying hydrated help as well. However, nothing can stop time from marching on. You are bound to have facial wrinkles appear as you get older. You can’t make them go away with your efforts. Our talented plastic surgeon can be your partner in helping you to recapture your youth with a Fat Transfer Sacramento to smooth away the marks of time.

Why Choose a Fat Transfer to Treat Your Facial Wrinkles?

You have many options to eliminate facial wrinkles. You can go with the most extreme solution and have a Facelift Sacramento. Dermal fillers are another option. If you want a natural solution that will involve minor surgery, a fat transfer may be your best alternative. You will take excess fat from another spot on your body and put it to use to enhance the appearance of your face. It’s the natural filler that will smooth your wrinkles away and add more volume when you need it.

What Happens During a Fat Transfer Procedure?

A fat transfer involves the removal of unwanted fat from your body. Once the fat has been removed, it will need to be purified. The final step is to add the fat to your face to fill in your wrinkles and fill out hollow areas. It will smooth the lines in your face and make you look younger once again.

Experience Optimal Results Using Your Fat

Your fat can be transformed into something positive. You can take something you don’t want and turn it around into something that will make you look your best. Wrinkles are the result of the loss of collagen and firmness in your skin. When your fat is added to your face, it provides you with a support system for your face. As you give yourself more volume, you will see the years roll back. Give yourself the opportunity to steer clear of artificial fillers when you can benefit from the fat in your body.

Find Out About a Fat Transfer for Facial Wrinkles

Don’t put up with those wrinkles any longer. Dr. Kaniff can be your guide to help you look as youthful as possible. During a consultation at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento, your body will be evaluated to make sure that you have fat to spare. If you are a good candidate for a fat transfer, our plastic surgeon will guide you through the procedure. You will love how your face looks and feels when you tap into the potential of a fat transfer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more!

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