CoolSculpting vs Liposuction for a Busy Schedule

If you have ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought that you wanted to make a change, know that you’re not alone. There are billions of people on this planet who are not happy with something about their appearance. Some people opt to do nothing about their problem. Others take the bull by the proverbial horn and decide that they are going to do something to fix what they do not like about themselves.

For example, there are individuals who have taken the time to diet and exercise, but when they look at themselves in the mirror, they see that they have bulges of fat that they just cannot get rid of. Usually, these bulges of fat are found along the love handles, on the back of the arms or on the thighs.

These stubborn fat deposits do not go away no matter how hard a person diets and exercises. Obviously, having pockets of fat that you cannot get rid of can be very frustrating. This leads people to look for cosmetic options to remove the fat.

Two of the most popular options on the market today are liposuction and CoolSculpting®. While the two procedures produce similar results, the methods used to get the results are drastically different. When it comes down to CoolSculpting® vs Liposuction, the procedure that you are going to use has a lot to do with your personality, your aesthetic goals and your schedule.

Liposuction Sacramento is a surgical procedure. During the procedure, small incisions will be made in the area that is going to be treated. Then a cannula and a suction will be used to remove fat from the problem areas. Once the surgery is complete, the incisions will be closed and the patient will go through a relatively lengthy recovery.

CoolSculpting®, on the other hand, uses a special device that freezes fat cells, causing them to die off and eventually become absorbed by the body. With the CoolSculpting® procedure, there is no surgery and there is no downtime. After the procedure, a patient is able to go back to their everyday routine as if nothing had happened. While liposuction is just a one-time procedure, CoolSculpting® Sacramento patients will need to have multiple procedures performed in order to get the desired results.

Regarding the results of CoolSculpting® vs liposuction, with liposuction, they are instantaneous. As soon as the swelling goes down, you will see that the fat has been removed and that your body has been sculpted. With CoolSculpting®, the results are gradual and aren’t seen until a few weeks or months after the final procedure has been performed.

With both procedures, fat cells are destroyed and removed. And with both procedures, you will be required to diet and exercise in order to maintain the results. Patients might experience more dramatic results from liposuction, but they are also running higher risk and will need a longer recovery time. And while the results with CoolSculpting® may not be as dramatic, they are still noticeable. Patients have lost up to three inches around their waist after having this procedure performed.

At the end of the day, each individual has to decide for themselves based on their schedule and their preference whether having a surgical procedure or a non-surgical procedure is the best way for them to sculpt the body they want. Each procedure has certain benefits and drawbacks for a busy schedule. You will get a better idea of which procedure is right for you during a consultation at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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