What to Consider Before Getting a Chin Implant

In our society, having a weak or receding chin is not considered to be attractive. It can make a person’s face look out of proportion. It can also make a person’s nose look too big, even when it is actually the right size for their face. It’s amazing how many people come into our office looking to have their nose done, only to find out that it’s actually their chin that is in need of correction. Fortunately, chin augmentation has helped countless people achieve a more proportionate facial profile.

So What is the Deal with Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a medical procedure that allows you to change the size and appearance of your chin with the insertion of an implant. Chin implant surgery continues to grow in popularity among people who are unhappy with their weak or receding chin. While chin augmentation is an extremely common and safe medical procedure, there are still a lot of things you should consider before deciding to get a chin implant.

How It is Done

The first thing you must know before getting a chin implant is exactly how the procedure will be performed. Of course, the actual technique used in the procedure will vary from patient to patient. However, X-rays of your chin will first be taken to determine the best way to give you your desired look. Simple cases only require to place the chin implant in the correct spot to give you the perfect-looking chin. Any potential scarring should be practically invisible because of the special way that the surgery is performed by our board-certified surgeon.

What Does the Recovery Look Like?

It may take up to six weeks for your chin to feel normal. While you can resume light activity the day after the surgery, it is recommended that you wait one or two weeks before going back to work. Our plastic surgeon will give you specific instructions on what is advisable after surgery.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

After learning all of the facts about getting a chin implant, you can make an informed and intelligent decision about whether or not this procedure is right for you. Scheduling a chin implant consultation at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento will let you discuss any potential questions, and you can learn even more about your individual case. Contact our office today to book your appointment to learn more about chin implant surgery.

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