How Can a Fat Transfer Enhance My Facial Features?

As you get older, the signs of aging are unavoidable. You’ll see those threads of white or gray hair creeping in. You might not be quite as flexible or energetic as you used to be. It is the changes in the appearance of your face that bothers you the most. Wrinkles, a loss of elasticity and a loss of volume can really make it look like the years are marching over your face. You want to do something to help you look more youthful once again. If you want to go with a natural solution, consider how a fat transfer can enhance your facial features.

How Can a Fat Transfer Help You?

A fat transfer is an outpatient procedure that has become extremely popular in the field of cosmetic surgery. It involves harvesting unwanted fat from another part of your body in order to have it purified and injected into your face. Typical areas that are ideal for fat harvesting include the thighs and abdomen. Once the fat is removed, it will undergo a purification process. The final step is to inject the fat into your face. It can be injected into wrinkles to smooth them out. Fat can also be injected anywhere that you have lost volume in your face. If you have hollows in your cheeks or under your eyes, your fat can be injected to pump up the volume.

Why Choose to Have a Fat Transfer to Enhance Your Facial Features?

When you choose this procedure, you are taking advantage of the natural alternative. You’re using a substance that comes from your own body, making it less likely for you to have a dangerous reaction. Best of all, you will get rid of fat that you don’t want hanging around somewhere else on your body. The procedure is minor compared to other options and there is less downtime. A fat transfer will help you to make the most of what you have on your body in order to make your face look its best.

Is a Fat Transfer Right for You?

A fat transfer could be ideal for you if you have extra fat on your body and want a natural solution. Schedule a consultation at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento to learn more about the benefits of a fat transfer. Our surgeon can also examine your body to determine if a fat transfer will be effective for you. He will study your face and figure out where your fat can be transferred in order to enhance your facial features. You can look like you have made the years melt away when a fat transfer changes your life. Contact our office today to book your appointment!

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