Aging Neck Options

Whether you have just begun to notice neck laxity in photos or have had cosmetic surgery in the past, there are many options available to improve the appearance of your neck.

As the neck progressively ages, various rejuvenating options are available ranging from minimally invasive to more aggressive surgical procedures.

The minimally invasive procedures are for less severe signs of aging, have a quicker, easier recovery and are usually less expensive. Minimally invasive procedures often need to be repeated after several months depending on the procedure to maintain the cosmetic benefit. The lack of interruption to your lifestyle is one of the main advantages of these minimally invasive techniques.

Botox treatments to the neck can help vertical banding under the chin and soften the horizontal wrinkles of the neck.

Skin quality can be improved by a series of treatments such as IPL Photofacial and chemical peels of various strengths. These treatments often are done as a series of treatments designed to even pigmentation and improve the skin texture and luster of the skin.

More aggressive procedures have a longer, more detailed recovery, cost more and deliver more dramatic results. Those with mild fullness – baby fat – under the chin would benefit from liposuction. Small 1 – 2 mm incisions under the chin and behind each ear lobe provide access for the removal of fat. Recovery is approximately 2-5 days.

If muscle and skin laxity is also present a submentoplasty can be performed through a one-inch incision under the chin. In addition to the removal of any excess fatty tissue, tightening the superficial muscles of the neck, creating a hammock type effect, and removing a small amount of excess skin improve the contour of the neck. If the chin is weak a chin implant is added through the same incision creating a balanced chin/neck profile and more refined jaw line. Recovery is approximately 5-7 days.

For more advance laxity of the neck tissues a Neck Lift Sacramento is performed. In addition to sculpting the fat and tightening the muscles under the skin as described with a submentoplasty, an incision is made behind the ear through which the superficial muscles of the neck and skin are drawn to produce a more youthful, defined neck line. Combing the neck lift with a cheek lift (facelift) may often be the best rejuvenation option. Recovery is approximately 7-10 days.

The best way to determine which procedure(s) are best suited to meet your individual needs is to meet with the doctor.

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