Try CoolMini in Sacramento to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

Although most of us don’t consciously realize it, a tight jawline is a symbol of beauty and youthfulness. If you are struggling with a double chin, cosmetic technology has made it easier to get rid of it without surgery. Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center offers CoolMini in Sacramento to fix double chins.

What Is a CoolMini Treatment?

CoolMini is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for double chins or for getting rid of fat under the chin. The treatment employs a CoolSculpting device to freeze and destroy fat deposits beneath the skin. Most patients of CoolMini in Sacramento usually see results after one or two treatments.

How It Works

CoolMini treatment uses cryolipolysis, which is the application of ultra-cold temperatures to destroy fat cells below the skin. The treatment can achieve fat reduction without damaging adjacent tissues or the skin surface. After the destruction, the body metabolizes the targeted fat tissues, and naturally eliminates them. Since no surgery is involved, recovery is comfortable and takes just a short time.

Is CoolMini Suitable for Everyone?

The most suitable candidates for CoolMini in Sacramento are patients with small collections of fat that are stubborn to exercise and diet. Patient selection is crucial because lax skin may be created if CoolMini is conducted on body parts with poor skin elasticity or excess skin. If our doctor says you don’t qualify, consider other treatments such as Kybella.

If you suspect that you’re the ideal candidate for CoolMini, then visiting a cosmetic medical center is a great place to kick-start your journey.

A certified and experienced surgeon can identify subtle differences in patients and properly treat them. It’s easy to get poor results if CoolMini is not performed as required. For instance, it can result in uneven body contours. 

Number of Sessions Required

Most patients get the desired results after about two sessions. However, this number varies from one patient to another. The number of sessions required depends on the severity of the problem, and the tissue density of a patient.

CoolMini results are not immediate because the treatment works by killing fat cells and waiting for them to slowly metabolize. But you will be able to enjoy full results after three to four months.

Although the results take time to be noticeable, they are permanent. Once fat cells get destroyed, they don’t easily return. It’s advisable to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to prevent the remaining fat cells from growing larger.

If you’re interested in CoolMini in Sacramento, consider visiting Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center to learn more. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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