Surgery for Protruding Ears – Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a procedure to reposition the protruding ear closer to the head in a more natural position. The deformity causes deeper emotional upset then is generally realized by parents or patient’s friends. The visual and psychological improvement following this surgery is exciting and rewarding to the patient, family and surgeon.

The earliest age to consider correction is just prior to entering school, usually by the age of six. At this time the ear has achieved approximately 90% of it’s adult size, and if corrected prior to entering school, the child may be spared unkind ridicule. Adults with protruding ears may have them corrected at any time.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia for younger children and with twilight anesthesia with adults. The scars are hidden behind the ear and a protective dressing is placed for twenty four hours after surgery. You and your family should be aware that no two ears are identical, even in the same individual. Therefore, it is common for therr to be some degree of asymmetry after surgery, which is seldom visible.

The high degree of success of this procedure and it’s significant psychological benefit make otoplasty a highly rewarding surgery.

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