Skin Care Basics

Has the summer kept you outdoors enjoying its beauty? Experienced the warmth through the days and nights. If you are like the rest of us that only means more exposure to its harsh rays. Its time to review the next step to polish your beauty with some aesthetic treatments that will bring back the flawlessness we all have.

It’s not new to us about sun protection and skin cancer. You used your sun block, did a great job but what changes has happened to the skin that didn’t always get covered? When you look into the mirror do you see new brown spots, maybe dryness to some areas, broken blood vessels around your cheeks and nose, the loss of elasticity has just begun? What do you do? We have the answer but where to begin is the mystery. Well, we are here to lead you to those steps of fun and pampering the “you” that has been covered up by these new signs of aging.

The steps vary for everyone but let’s start at the basics. Skincare. I hate to say it but everyone needs skincare and everyone needs an AM and PM regimen to get your skin started on its way to the new “you”. There are doctor prescribed skincare products like cleansers that will help slough off the dry skin and unevenness that has started. Vitamins C and B serum to boost the skin back to its ways of producing the collagen that’s in your skin. The moisturizers that have similar ingredients but also moisturize the skin throughout the day. The evening creams that have those prescribed ingredients that give your skin a punch back to its youthfulness.

The next steps are treatments that are not everyday like skincare but maybe every month or every other month. Depending on the skin and problem there are many ways to boost your skin for those holiday photos. Microdermabrasion, glycolic peels and photo facials, all these can be done within a lunch time period or longer. There all nonsurgical and you can go back to work that same day, depending on the depth of each.

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