Restore Balance to Your Face and Ears with Otoplasty

If you look in the mirror and do not like what you see because of your ears, now is your chance to do something about it. Whether you are unhappy with the shape of your ears, the position, or you feel like they are out of proportion with the rest of your face, you should not feel like you have to hide them under a hat or behind a curtain of hair.

Otoplasty is a type of cosmetic procedure that can enhance your ears and restore balance to your face. Whether you experienced in injury or you were born with this set of ears, you can place yourself in the hands of your skilled surgeon to perform otoplasty.

What is involved in an Otoplasty Procedure?

When you seek assistance from your doctor to have otoplasty, the procedure will be tailored to suit your needs. You will discuss your goals for your appearance and be able to explain why you are not happy with your ears. Your surgeon will perform a careful evaluation and advise you of your alternatives during surgery. Your personalized procedure may reposition your ears, modify the shape, or trim back the size of this noticeable feature. If your ears protrude, your surgeon can increase the fold in your ear, remove excess cartilage, and make your ears lay closer to your head. Individual attention will be given to your needs to enhance your ears according to your wishes.

Undergoing Otoplasty

Otoplasty is usually performed at a clinic or doctor’s office and does not require an overnight stay. Your surgeon will make you comfortable and avoid pain with intravenous sedation or anesthesia, making the decision on which is best for you. Small incisions will be made. Your surgeon will attempt to make incisions behind the ear to reduce the appearance of scars. If incisions are made in the front, every effort will be made to make incisions within existing folds. Your doctor will make adjustments, by removing cartilage, excess skin, and tissue, to customize your procedure for the best results.

Recovery from Otoplasty

Your ears will be bandaged after your procedure. It is important that you leave your bandages alone until your surgeon tells you it is safe to remove them. They will aid in your healing and provide support for your ears. Pain medication will be prescribed to help you manage the discomfort that comes with any surgical procedure. Be sure to ask your surgeon about how to care for your incisions and if your activities are restricted in any way. Someone should drive you home after your procedure and stay with you until the next day to monitor your condition and assist you in any way. When you sleep, you will want to avoid sleeping on your side and applying pressure to your ears.

Find Out if Otoplasty is for You

To learn more about otoplasty and the potential benefits of this procedure, you can speak Dr. Kaniff at the Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center. Dr. Kaniff will perform a complete evaluation and determine the best approach to help you enhance your ears. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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