Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty in Sacramento

If you’ve ever felt like your nose didn’t fit your face the way you’d like it to, or you’ve had to endure breathing problems a majority of your life, then rhinoplasty might be a solution for you to consider.  A rhinoplasty is a procedure that alters a patient’s nose size in relation to the rest of the face. The most common alterations are to the width of the bridge, the appearance of humps or depressions, the position of the nasal tip, the size of the nostrils, and asymmetry. Like any medical procedure, it is important to find experts such as Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento, CA who will listen to your concerns and questions before, during, and after surgery. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to make sure undergoing rhinoplasty in Sacramento is the right solution for you.

Is Rhinoplasty In Sacramento The Right Choice For Me?


Electing to undergo rhinoplasty in Sacramento is a long-term decision and surgical procedure. If you haven’t yet considered non-surgical rhinoplasty, or you have any reservations about getting the surgery, speak with a medical professional about your concerns.


However, if you’re interested in a long-lasting change, then you should make an appointment to speak with a board-certified surgeon about your options. It should also be noted that everyone’s nose changes over time and that this is something you and your surgeon should discuss prior to the day of your procedure.

What Is The Difference Between Open And Closed Rhinoplasty?


While researching a rhinoplasty in Sacramento, you may hear the terms open-and-closed rhinoplasty used. Simply put, a closed rhinoplasty refers to a form of limited surgical access in which all the surgical incisions are hidden within the nostril, while an open rhinoplasty connects the nostril incisions at the columella which dramatically improves the surgical exposure.


Although some surgeons prefer the closed approach since it avoids a potentially visible scar, it also significantly limits the surgical exposure, making it difficult or even impossible to utilize many of today’s most effective rhinoplasty techniques. As a result, many surgeons prefer the open method.


Having a direct visualization of the nasal skeleton not only facilitates increased accuracy, but it also enables the surgeon to modify and strengthen the skeletal framework without interference from the overlying soft tissues. You should speak to your surgeon about which method they prefer, and which would be best for your specific needs.

What’s The Recovery Time?


Recovery from rhinoplasty in Sacramento takes patience and time. Immediately following the surgery, expect visible swelling and bruising, which may include black eyes. You may also feel congested and have to breathe through your mouth. About a week after surgery, the cast and nasal packing are removed, allowing you to breathe and sleep better.


After 10 to 14 days, swelling and bruising should subside enough for you to return to your daily routine. It is recommended that you wait at least a month before returning to exercise or recreational sports.


A rhinoplasty can change your life if you are fully confident that it is the right step for you. If you’ve done your research and you’re considering undergoing rhinoplasty in Sacramento, give the experts at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center in Sacramento, CA a call and set up your consultation today!

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